Third Industrial Revolution, a started process

Driving into the future in North Palm Springs (California). Picture from David Dooley (Flickr)

The Third Industrial Revolution is a inevitable process that already started as it can be inferred from the Jeremy Rifkin´s book (The Third Industrial RevolutionHow Lateral Power is Transforming Energy, the Economy, and the World). The basis of the book is that economic progress happens when new information technologies merge  with sustainable energies sources. In the current post I resume the five basic pillars explained in Rifkin´s book to develop the third industrial revolution. The five pillars are:

  1. Change in the present energetic regime based on the fossil fuels for another regime based on sustainable energies.
  2. Buildings, specially appartments and public buildings should be converted into mini power plants creating renewable energy through solar panels, hydrogen cells or small wind mills.
  3. Installation of hydrogen cells and other energy storage systems in every appartment and public building would allow the storage of renewable energy ensuring a safe and green supply to cover the needs.
  4. Use an advanced Internet technology to convert the electric net in an intelligent net used for millions of persons to send and receive electricity generated in their buildings.
  5. Renovation of the road transportation fleet by vehicles propelled by hydrogen cells previously generated in private homes and buildings. It would be necessary as well to create a network of stations where the people could buy and sell the energy.

In the 19th century took place First Industrial Revolution with the introduction of steam-powered technology, later on, in the 20th century, the oil-powered combustion engine provoked the Second Industrial Revolution and currently in 21st century the information technologies together with the sustainable energies will lead the humanity to the Third Industrial Revolution.

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