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Top 7 examples of renewable energy sources


Renewable energy sources are those obtained from inexhaustible natural resources on a human scale. This can be caused either because the sources are limitless (the Sun, wind, etc.) or because the natural resource has the capacity to regenerate itself naturally…

DESERTEC, a sustainable initiative to provide clean energy


DESERTEC is a foundation, established in January 2009, aimed to use the renewable and sustainable energy generated in deserts and arid regions worldwide in order to supply as many people and businesses as possible with renewable, clean energy. The deserts of the world offer…

Solar panels will last more in the future


The Aalto University of Finland is coordinating a project to minimise the degradation of the solar panels through European Research Council funding with 850.000€ (1.17M$) the SOLARX project (Riddle of light-induced degradation in silicon photovoltaics). The sun provides enough energy…